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With a valid student ID, students can travel for free throughout Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (August 15, 2018) – For the first time, Kern Transit is honored to announce that they will
be offering free rides to all enrolled Bakersfield College students with a valid student ID. Free rides begin
when the fall semester starts on Saturday, August 18, 2018 and continue through the end of finals week on
Saturday, December 8, 2018. The program will resume when the spring semester starts in January 2019.
Students who choose to ride with Kern Transit will not have to struggle with traffic or find parking,
and they can focus on their studies as they commute to school. By using public transit, students will also be
limiting emissions, helping to improve the air quality in the Central Valley. Additionally, students may ride
free on all 100-numbered routes, not just on routes to and from the school, so they can save money
commuting all around Kern County.
Bakersfield College appreciates that this contribution from Kern Transit will provide students with
transportation to help them attend their classes and succeed in their educational goals. Kern Transit is proud
to support the students of Kern County.
“Having partnerships with organizations that value education in our community is crucial to our
growing economy here in Kern County,” said Dr. Nicky Damania, Director of Student Life at Bakersfield
College. “Bakersfield College is grateful for this collaboration and hopes all students will take advantage of
this resource to help them in achieving their academic degrees. Both Bakersfield College and Kern Transit
are committed to breaking down barriers to ensure our students are successful.”
These efforts are funded by a grant from the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program, which
provides operating and capital assistance for transit agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emission and
improve mobility, with a priority of serving disadvantaged communities. The grant would not have been
possible without the support of our public officials, like Kern County Supervisor David Couch.
“This is a great service for our community,” said Supervisor Couch. “I remember what is what like to
make ends meet as a college student. Programs like this will help ease some financial burdens for students
and improve access to good quality education. This service is especially important for many of the rural
communities I represent.”