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Lake Isabella – Kernville - Northbound

Other Timetables for this Route

220 – Lake Isabella to Kernville Northbound / Monday through Saturday
Lake Isabella
Erskine Creek Rd. – Kern Valley Plaza 7:20 PM
Senior Center – Lake Isabella Blvd. 8:50 AM 1:15 PM 3:00 PM 7:25 PM
Hwy. 155 at Keysville Rd.
French Gulch Marina – Hwy. 155
Nuui Cunni – Hwy. 155
Boulder Gulch at Hwy. 155
Wofford Blvd. at Marina Dr.
Hwy. 155 at Old State Rd. 8:58 AM 1:23 PM 3:08 PM 7:36 PM
Wofford Blvd. at Lakeshore Dr.
Wofford Blvd. at Evans Rd.
Wofford Blvd. at Park Way
Burlando Rd. at Terrace Way
Siretta Dr. at Scodie Ave.
Burlando Rd. at Rio Vista Dr.
Burlando Rd. at Tobias St.
Tobias St. at Kernville Rd. 9:10 AM 1:35 PM 3:20 PM 7:48 PM
Kernville Rd. at Sierra Dr.
Valley View Dr. at Sierra Way 9:12 AM 1:37 PM 3:22 PM 7:50 PM

*No service on Saturday.

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