Finding Your Stop

Kern Transit buses pick up and drop off passengers only at designated bus stops. Look for a Kern Transit bus-stop sign to ensure you are at the correct location.

Waiting for the Bus

Avoid hopping into the street to look for an approaching bus. Sit in the shelter or stand near the curb. Buses are susceptible to traffic fluctuations and may not always arrive on time. Arrive at the bus-stop early to avoid missing your bus!

Which Bus is Mine?

Each bus-stop sign displays the routes that serve that location. Route numbers are also displayed on the top-front, side-window, and rear of each bus.  Multiple routes may serve the same stop, so make sure you have the correct bus before boarding.

Boarding the Bus

  • All Kern Transit vehicles are accessible to the disabled and equipped with wheelchair lifts.
  • Please wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and allow other passengers to exit before boarding the bus.
  • Some seating at the front of the bus is reserved for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.
  • If no seats are available, please stand and hold onto a pole for support. ┬áBuses may start or stop suddenly.

Bikes on Buses

All buses are equipped with bike racks capable of accommodating three bikes. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading bicycles and may use the racks at their own risk. When the bus pulls up to your stop, tell the driver that you're securing your bike in the rack. To secure your bike:

  • Load your bike only from the curbside of the bus to ensure your safety.
  • Squeeze and hold the release-handle located on the top of the bike rack, then lower the rack until horizontal.
  • Load your bike into one of the bike slots.
  • Extend the wheel lock over the front tire.
  • Before boarding the bus, remove all loose items from your bike.

Please ask the driver if you need instructions. When you get off, tell the driver you're taking your bike off the rack.

Paying Your Fare

Have your fare ready before boarding. If paying with cash, make sure to have the exact amount as bus drivers do not make change. Up to two (2) children, 4 years old and younger, may ride for free with a fare-paying adult. You can calculate your fare in advance by using the fare calculator on the Fares page.

Service Animals

Service Animals are allowed on the bus with proper restraint. Animals must be kept with their owner, on the floor in front of the owner. They must be well behaved and not be a nuisance to other riders. Bus drivers reserve the right to refuse service to a rider with an unruly Service Animal.

Luggage and Strollers

Riders are responsible for all carry-on items. There is storage area for luggage in the front of the bus and, on some buses, in overhead racks. Strollers must be folded and placed on the floor in front of the rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions